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Intelligence Mining

Share market signals, insights, dashboards, researches and monetise your market intelligence

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Secure Your Reputation

Showcase your skills and make sure you get the recognition you deserve. Establish a respected impact

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Data feeds

Use Santiment off-chain data infrastructure to support advanced decentralised applications (sApps)

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Activate (trigger) different operations on other L1/L2/L3 where liquidity lives

dApps on Santiment Intelligence Network


SanR is a decentralised platform designed to help you follow the signals from top-rated traders, become one of the trading influencers as well as join the tribe of fast-growing forecasters

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We Simplify the Analysis and Create Alpha Together

Since our founding in 2016, we’ve been on a mission to develop the best market behaviour analysis tools available for crypto investors.

All market participants and stakeholders must perform complex analysis in order to make wise investment decisions. We simplify this process and make analysis more accessible by helping people understand the meaning behind the behaviour (i.e. buying, holding and selling activity) of key groups within the crypto ecosystem.

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